Our Achievements and Impacts

Through Sudah Dong’s anti-bullying campaign and community, Kawula Madani Foundation has initiated and completed a variety of projects aimed at increasing public awareness on the dangers of bullying in Indonesia. Some of our achievements include:

Organized seminars, discussions and workshops to raise awareness about bullying in 34 schools and universities across Indonesia.

Mobilized volunteers and engaged youth to voice our anti-bullying campaign and to demonstrate the spirit of activism at a number of Car Free Days and on other public platforms.

Produced Anti-Bullying Manual Book supported by UNICEF and Komisi Perlindungan Anak Indonesia (KPAI). Currently, over 25,097 books have been distributed all over Indonesia.

Sudah Dong has accumulated more than 1,000 online and offline volunteers in all parts of Indonesia and has active branches in Bandung, Surabaya, Aceh, Banjarmasin, and Lampung.

Provided the public with information on bullying through its social media and utilize technology as a tool to connect and share with bullying victims.

Worked with UNICEF and other youth led organizations through the Youth Network for Violence Against Children.

Worked in partnership with Facebook to launch “Think Before you Share Campaign” to promote responsible use of social media.

Worked in partnership with Coca-Cola to launch “Rayakan Namamu” campaign that celebrates the meaning behind a name. The campaign promotes self-confidence and rejects bullying.

Other partnerships that we have formed include with IBM and Justice to design anti-bullying campaigns as part of their CSR programs.